Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Business Design - Introduction to basic principles of entrepreneurship


1 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
2 Founding
3 Team
4 Operations
5 Marketing

6 Business Modeling
7 Business Plan 
8 Funding
9 Storytelling & Pitching
10 Meet the Startup – Virtual Company Visit

Key Learnings

Fundamentals of entrepreneurship
From idea to implementation – how do I get my company on the road. We illuminate all phases and important aspects from the perspective of a founder.

Strategies & business models
Which innovations from China could affect my European target market in the near future?

Business Design

Strategies for successful business design, based on design thinking methods and agile development.

The course will be held in English, unless a majority of the participants decide against it.

For closed groups we also offer the course in German.

The entrepreneurs of tomorrow //

Our years of work in China, with other Chinese founders and entrepreneurs have shown us that an important success factor of Chinese start-ups is a great sense for business and a sophisticated entrepreneurial understanding of the founders.

Whoever founds a start-up in China does so under the premise of having identified a valid business model. If you ask employees in Chinese companies, you will often learn that the majority of employees also have secondary income streams from private business activities. The cultural connotation of entrepreneurship differs significantly from the German understanding. You could say “in China everyone is an entrepreneur”, because most feel driven by the great potential to participate in the growing wealth of the Chinese economy.

This hunger for the “Chinese Dream”, the fast and competitive start-up landscape and the perfect conditions, created by governmental support, a well educated yet cheap workforce and access to cheap hardware and one of the largest domestic markets in the world, is a central part of China’s long-term success. 

"Beijing has indeed succeeded in awakening the ambition and initiative of young people in particular, (...) that people are curious and creative, fast, surprisingly well-organised and willing to work hard, only succeeds if they trust politics, that it is worth getting involved".
Frank Sieren, China Expert, author and journalist
Zukunft? China!: Wie die neue Supermacht unser Leben, unsere Politik, unsere Wirtschaft verändert

Objective of the course //

With the course “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” we would like to contribute to empowering and above all motivating young people to deal with the possibilities of entrepreneurial design. After all, it is the creative and fearless approach to entrepreneurial challenges that gives many young Chinese people today the opportunity to help shape their lives and the future of society.

In this course, we cover all important phases of a start-up, give practical examples and work with the participants to develop their business idea. The perspective of a start-up.

The aim: to get started, to encourage faster iteration and to spark a desire for creative participation in the face of the explosive situation.

The core of our mission is to raise awareness and lower barriers to China, to empower European stakeholders to look to the East and to learn from innovative concepts. This also includes understanding and successfully implementing entrepreneurial strategies.

Target Group

Students of all fields of study

This course is aimed at students of all disciplines who wish to further their entrepreneurial education.

Students with a founding idea can design their company within the course, but an initial business idea is not necessary to participate in the course.


Miriam Theobald
Founder of DŌNGXii and
EXIST founder scholarship holder

Marcel Münch
Founder of DŌNGXii and
EXIST founder scholarship holder


Seminar series | Online
12 sessions á 120 minutes 

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Seminar Package

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