The China Opportunity

Executive Briefing

How can we comprehend
and assess current developments
in China’s digital economy? 

We will give you a structured and curated overview of the current events in China Tech and startup landscape. An exclusive briefing that will sharpen your strategic understanding of China.

topics: EV, autonomous driving, mobility, IoT, e-commerce, social media, health.

Key Learnings

Key Stakeholder
Companies, start-ups, unicorns, organisations that shape future industries.

Future technologies & business models
Technologies that influence the technological world order and create innovative business models.

Growth potentials & contextualisation
Placing current topics and events in a global context. Analysis of new platforms and holistic view of digital topics.

Target Group

CEOs & Decision Makers
Managers who want to sharpen their strategic understanding of developments in China and identify new potential.

CIOs & Innovation Departments
CIOs who want to keep up to date with what is already happening in Chinese markets and aim to identify new potentials for their business. 


Ongoing online briefing 
every two weeks | Online

190€ pm (plus tax 16%)

Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month

09.00 am – 09.30 am Live Briefing
09.30 am – 10.00 am Q&A

This format is based on De-Code China #1 & #2. 

Executive Package

  • Full day online workshop
  • Summary documents and further resources
  • Individual One-on-One sessions (as required)
  • Certificate of participation
  • Access to the DŌNGXii expert network

Marcel Münch
Expert on mobility and EV

Marcel Münch ist Co-Founder und Geschäftsführer von DONGXii.com. Er studierte Wirtschaftssinologie (BA) in Konstanz und Design Management (MDes) in London.

Als strategischer Berater und Business Designer war er an der Konzeption von  Car Sharing Diensten für deutsche Automobilhersteller und an innovativen digitalen Services in der Finanzindustrie beteiligt.

Marcel ist anerkannter und oft zitierter Experte für Chinas Automobilindustrie und willkommener Keynotespeaker.

Hosts & Experts

Miriam Theobald
Expert for Urban Innovation

Miriam Theobald is founder and managing director of DONGXii.

She studied Business Sinology (BA) in Konstanz, Germany, and Urban Studies (MA) at King’s College London.

As a concept developer and strategic consultant, Miriam has worked on urban development projects in China, England and Germany. In the context of China, she deals with topics around “Urban Innovation” (Smart cities), IoT and user experience. Tech in the City” and Female Entrepreneurship in the context of Chinese Business Innovation play a major role.

Why look to China?

Until recently, China was the workbench of the world, but today it is above all an attractive consumer market, with a growing influence on international markets. But beyond this, a particular strength for innovation has developed, which can have a decisive influence on the success of future economic efforts.

Since 2018, China has published more patents than any other country in the world. In 2019 China overtook the USA with the number of Unicorns. A close look at the New York Stock Exchange reveals that listed Chinese giants are overtaking the DAX companies so familiar to us. The pioneering role is changing hands.

What do the entrepreneurs from the Far East do better than their German colleagues? Together we decipher the success factors of Chinese hardware and software start-ups and systematize strategies for successful, future-oriented business models.

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