The China Opportunity

Competence courses for decision makers of today and tomorrow

The China Opportunity

Concentrated knowledge for leaders of tomorrow

We stand for an emancipated China understanding.  

In our corporate education courses, we introduce you to China’s innovation potential and offer concentrated knowledge and China-specific insights on effective business strategies – following the example of Chinese Unicorns. Everyone can learn from China!

De-Code China: Innovations from China #1

Which future platforms of the digital economy will come from China

One-day online seminar

31.07.2020 | 390€ (plus VAT) 

De-Code China: Innovations from China #2

Deepening De-Code China #1


One-day online seminar

13.08.2020 | 390€ (plus VAT) 


Executive Briefing

Regular online briefings on current topics and future technologies from China

Ongoing online briefing

2nd and 4th Thursday of the month
190€ per month. (plus VAT)

The Digital Economy after the Pandemic

7 Trends in the digital economy that have experienced growth during the crisis

Online seminar series, 7 sessions

starting 30.07.2020 | from 100 € (plus. VAT)

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Introduction to basics of the entrepreneurship (students)

Online seminar series, 12 sessions

starting 05.08.2020 | 990€ (plus VAT) 

De/Code China - Workshop für Studierende

Four-day workshop for students

Online workshop

starting 21.08.2020 | 820€ (plus VAT)

Upcoming courses


Executive Briefing – Online Briefing on current topics and future technologies from China
190,00€ (plus VAT)


Online Seminar: Digital Economy after COVID-19
553,00€ (plus VAT)


De-Code China: Innovations from China  #1
390,00€ (plus VAT)

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