The China Opportunity

De-Code China: Digital Innovation from China #1

What strategies can be learned from the Chinese giants and how can they be applied in a western context?

We show you which future platforms will be coming from China, what new technologies and industries are emerging and why Chinese giants are so successful. 

Key Learnings

China’s leading role in the new technological world order 
Why is China relevant for me and my company?

Customer Journey of the future
Customer centricity and the seamless connection of offline and online, how do I anticipate customer needs of the future?

Strategies & business models
Which innovations from China could affect my European target market in the near future?

Target group

Kurs_1 Copy 6

CEOs & Decision makers

Managers who are looking for new opportunities for their company. 

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Agencies, Foresight & Innovation Departments

Who want to be inspired by concrete benchmarks.

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Founders & Employees with China related Business

Professionals who want enter the Chinese market.

Upcoming Dates

31.07.2020  09.30 am – 4.00 pm

390€ (plus VAT 16%)

14.08.2020  09:30 am – 4.00 pm

390€ (plus VAT 16%)

More dates soon coming


Miriam Theobald

Consultant for Digital China
Expert for Urban Innovation

Marcel Münch

Consultant for Digital China
Expert on mobility and EV

Seminar package

  • Full day online workshop
  • Summary documents and further resources
  • Individual One-on-One sessions (as required)
  • Certificate of participation
  • Access to the DŌNGXii expert network

Why look to China?

Until recently, China was the workbench of the world, but today it is above all an attractive consumer market, with a growing influence on international markets. But beyond this, a particular strength for innovation has developed, which can have a decisive influence on the success of future economic efforts.

Since 2018, China has published more patents than any other country in the world. In 2019 China overtook the USA with the number of Unicorns. A close look at the New York Stock Exchange reveals that listed Chinese giants are overtaking the DAX companies so familiar to us. The pioneering role is changing hands.

What do the entrepreneurs from the Far East do better than their German colleagues? Together we decipher the success factors of Chinese hardware and software start-ups and systematize strategies for successful, future-oriented business models.

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